Aerocell is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed-cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber. Aerocell is produced in preformed sheets and pipe sections.

These products meet insulation requirements in diverse fields such as the Automobile, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration industry, Construction industry, Hospital industry, Pharma industry, Hotels and Cold storage industries

  • Duct Insulation.
  • Antimicrobial(Aerocell-AM).
  • Raised Floor Insulation.
  • General Thermal Insulation
    (large diameter pipes, tanks, vessels, etc)
  • AC Unit Insulation
    (internal insulation of units, evaporators, etc)
  • General Thermal Insulation
  • Clean Room Applications.
  • Cold Storage Applications.
  • Underslab Insulation. Transport segment AC Units
  • Chilled Water
  • Excellent insultion properties due to low k-value, that remain unchanged during service life time of hot/cold installation and are unaffected by humidity.
  • The closed-cell structure will not absorb or allow the spread of water, thus preventing condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water & refrigerant lines. No additional water vapour barriers are required.
  • Can be Supplied aluminium foil / Glass Cloth and Adhesive backing for increased performance and quicker installation.
  • Wide working temperature (-40°C to +105°C).
  • Thinner gauges can be used to achieve effective insulation due to low k-value and high water vapour diffusion resistance. This also allows the use of material in areas with space limitations.
  • Class 0 fire performance as per BS 476 Part 6 & 7, VL 94, flammability Class V-0

Technical Data

1.0 Thermal Insulation Material Closed Cell Elastomeric Nitrile
Rubber foam
2.0 Density (Kg/M3) 50 ± 20% ASTM-D-1056
3.0 Thermal Conductivity (K Value) 0.035 W/m°K at 10°C
0.036 W/m°K at 20°C
0.037 W/m°K at 30°C
0.038 W/m°K at 40°C
ASTM C 518
4.0 Service Temperature -40 to 105 ◦C

a) Fire Performance acc. To building regulation
b) Surface flame spread
c) Fire Propagation
d) Rate of Burning (Vertical position)
e) Practical fire Behaviour
Class 0
Class 1
Total Index (I) < 12 and Sub
Index (i1) < 6
Class V-0

Self-Extinguishing , does not
drip ,does not spread flames

BS 476 Part 6&7

BS 476 Part

BS 476 Part
UL 94-1997
ASTM D 635 -06

6.0 Water Vapour diffusion
resistance Index
≥7000 (For Plain) ASTM E-96
7.0 Ozone Depleting substances
Not Detected
No Asbestos
8.0 Resistance to oil& grease Very Good
9.0 Odour Negligible
10.0 Corrosion Risk pH(Neutral)
11.0 Noise Reduction Up to 35 dB(A)
12.0 FM Approval FM Approved