Aerocell GC

ALP Aeroflex Offers Aerocell GC (Class 0) – the new range of high quality factory laminated black glass cloth nitrile elastomeric insulation foam sheet. This flexible foam is processed from the high quality FM approved Nitrile insulation material.

It is easy to use and is designed to prevent heat gain, heat loss and prevent frost and condensation from forming on chilled water tubing, refrigeration lines and above ambient mechanical systems. The UV resistant Treated Black glass cloth protects the soft foam from mechanical and external environment abuse.

The elastomeric closed cell foam core provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and damping properties and the self-adhesive release paper aids in easy and effective application.

  • Available in preformed sheet 6mm/9mm/13mm/16mm/19mm/25mm/32mm thickness and width 1000mm. Each roll is individually wrapped in TOFFEE packing.

Physical Properties

Color: Black
Composition: UV treated Black glass cloth of 200GSM / 7mil thickness.
Density: 50±10kg/m,or (40-60 kg/m,) Thermal conductivity:0.351W/mk@10°C/trhr.at68°F Watervapour
resistance >= 10,000
Temperature range: -34°C to 110°C