ALP Aeroflex
India Pvt. Ltd.

A joint venture of ALP Overseas Pvt. Ltd. of India and The Eastern Polymer Industries of Thailand for manufacturing of EPDM and Nitrile Rubber Insulation Sheets, Tubes and Accessories for Thermal & Acoustic insulation.

The corporate office of the company is situated at the corporate hub of Haryana, Gurgaon, India, and has its plant at Rudrapur in state of Uttarakhand.

The company is poised for a major expansion with a new plant equipped with the latest, state of the art technology near Neemrana, Rajasthan.



Thermal Insulation

ALP Aeroflex offers a diverse range of EPDM & NBR Thermal insulation sheets and tubes for insulation requirements across industries. The Closed Cell Insulation Foam Sheets & Tubes are available with and without Lamination. With a variety of different features, our range of Thermal insulation has low Thermal Conductivity and high Water Vapor diffusion Resistance.

Acoustic Insulation

ALP Aeroflex’s Open Cell NBR Acoustic solutions are perfect for effective absorption and barrier for sound across a broad range of frequencies. Our product offering is EPA Approved for being Anti-Microbial and complies with Fire Safety Class 1 & O. The light weight material offers Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties.

Underdeck Insulation

Non-Metallic Cladding system

Insulation Tape & Accessories

ALP Aeroflex offers a wide range of Self Adhesive insulation tapes with different laminations and other accessories for different industrial requirements.

EPDM Colored Granules


Head quartered at Gurgaon, ALP Aeroflex has State-of-art manufacturing facility at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand along with R&D Centre and In-house product development, Tool/Die/Mould design & development facilities.


The manufacturing plant at Rudrapur is equipped with the most advanced automated mixing unit, Hi-Speed continuous line based on Italian Technology, In-house lamination machinery which produces top quality insulation products & accessories


Keeping Quality at the core, our constant endeavor is to ensure that our products and processes comply with various standards and certifications.

Research & Development

The In-house R&D setup is recognised by Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India. The R&D unit is equipped with material testing facilities for all types of incoming raw material, In-Process & finished goods.


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