A-Flex Accosound Sheet with Release Paper


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  • Resolution 300 dpi_x000D
  • On White Background_x000D
  • If not available then please send us a sample with name tag for photoshoot
  • FM approved 


  • Industry i.e. Engines, Air handling units, Pipelines,Vaccum cleaners etc.
  • Transport i.e. engine rooms in vehicles & vessals, operator's cabin of earth moving machinery etc.
  • Health care
Standard Applied FAB 1 FAB2
ASTM D 1667 High density Good sound absorption properties
ASTM C 518 Besides acoustic property provides good thermal insulation also for installed ducts/canopies. Energy saving
BS 476 Part-7 It meets Class 1 fire safety -
UL-94 1996 Resistance to mineral oil, organic solvents & dilute inorganic acids & bases. -
ASTM 423 C Effective noise control & thermal insulation -
- - -
ASTM G21 Anti Fungi No Fungus growth
- Quick & easy to install with no special tools.  
- Self Adhesive feature Reduce time & cost of installation
  Open cell elastomeric sound absorber Insulation -