Thermal Applications

Pharma / Process

When it comes to clean room application, Hygiene and easy maintenance for regular cleaning are the most critical aspects of design. All visible components should be easy to clean and aesthetically appealing. They should not retain any moisture and prohibit any possibility of microbial growth at the same time conserve energy with minimum heat transfers.

High Performance Insulation with Aesthetic apeal

The traditional Aluminium-clad insulation products present aesthetic challenges with ugly dents, wrinkles and pockets. Aerocell with 60 micron Al foil not only takes care of these challenges but makes it more apealing with superior finish. It’s highly flexible nature further aids fast and easy installation in technical sections.

Water vapour and humidity are one of the biggest hindrances in enabling thermal insulation. With water vapour diffusion resistance (µ) of 60000, Aerocell with 60 micron Al. lamination ensures that the insulating properties are retained in the most adverse conditions. Moreover the surface can be wiped clean effortlessly which helps in keeping the fungi and microbes at bay, another prerequisite of a clean room application.

Insulation with Superior Fire Resistance

In the unfortunate event of a fire breakout, superior Fire Retardent Properties ensures that there is no propagation of the fire to the other sections of the building. Its self etingushing features arrests the fire and ensure there is no loss of properties or life.

With compliance to strict norms laid down by Building Regulations, It passes all the requirements of Class 1 as per BS476 Part 7 for surface spread of flame and Class 0 as per BS476 Part 6 and meets Fire category as per 1991 Building Regulations (England & Wales) and the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations 1990. Aerocell with 60 microns is a non-fibrous, non-itchy, easy-to-clean product. Hence, there is no probability of air contamination due to degradation of the insulation material over a period of time.